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Livestock - 2023

2023 RRVF Livestock Schedule


Returning this year to the Red River Valley Fair, Dairy Goats!

+ Open Dairy Goat Show:
July 15 | 9AM | Livestock Barn


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Open Dairy Show! Divisions include: Holsteins, Milking Shorthorns, Brown Swiss, Ayrshires, Jersey, Guernsey and other breeds.

+ Open Dairy Show: July 14 | 9AM

+ Showmanship: July 14 | One hour following the show

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Come see kids of all ages exhibit their sheep projects at the Red River Valley Fair. Suffolks and Hampshires are some breeds to just name a few.

+ Youth Show: July 12 | 11AM

+ Open Show: July 13 | 11AM

+Showmanship: July 12 | Following show

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Come see kids off all ages exhibit their goat projects at the Red River Valley Fair. Boer goats will be the main breed in this show! Boer goats are one of the most popular market goat breeds in the world and are known to be very docile.

+ Youth Show: July 12 | 1:30PM

+ Open Show: July 13 | 1:30PM

+ Showmanship: July 12 | One hour after completion of livestock shows

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Come see some of the most competitive exhibitors show off their swine projects at the Red River Valley Fair. Some breeds you may see are Hampshire, Yorkshire, and Duroc. You will also see some crossbred pigs and purebred pigs.

+ Youth Show: July 12 | 9AM

+ Open Show: July 13 | 9AM

+Showmanship: July 12 | Following show

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Come see the beef cattle at the Red River Valley Fair. Some popular breeds you may see – Red Angus, Black Angus, Shorthorn and Hereford.

+ Open Beef Show: July 14 | 10AM

+ Junior Open Beef Show: July 12 | 9AM

+ Showmanship: July 12 | 9AM

+ Mel Kirkeide Youth Beef Show:
July 13 | 9AM

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Any poultry entered in the Fair must get pullorum tested in the poultry barn. Testing is free.

Anyone from out of state is encouraged to contact the ND Department of Agriculture Animal Health Division to make sure they are complying with all requirements.

+ Poultry Show: TBD

+ Poultry Showmanship: TBD

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RABBITS & Cavies

Who doesn’t love the rabbits? Come see kids of all ages exhibit their rabbit projects at the Red River Valley Fair! Located in the Livestock Barn.

+ Rabbit Show: TBD

+ Rabbit Showmanship: TBD

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