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Winter Storage


Winter storage begins Monday, October 9

Winter storage items are accepted Tuesdays - Fridays 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM (until full)

2023 Storage Update: Very limited indoor storage available. No longer accepting 5th wheels for indoor storage.

Outdoor storage is still available for all items.

First come, first served. Space is limited!

Items will only be accepted during these hours.




If you have a boat/pontoon, the length is measured from the front of the hitch to the end of the motor. New storage items will be measured by the Red River Valley Fair staff.


Winter storage release will begin April 2024. 5th Wheels must be removed by TBD.

Every item must be checked out in Butler Arena before removing it from the Fairgrounds.

Release of items will begin by building. Please check your email or watch for a letter with your specific release date. Emails will be sent out in March 2024.



We accept all forms of vehicles including cars, motor-homes, jet skis (on trailers), motorcycles, boats, pontoons, etc.

All vehicles must be in running order. Vehicles needing additional assistance and/or attention will be charged accordingly.

All vehicles will be driven in and parked in storage building by owner. Owner is responsible for disconnecting the battery, putting on a car cover, or any other special instructions. RRVF staff will NOT be parking or doing special instructions for vehicles.

5th wheels will be driven into storage building by owner.

Boats, pontoons, campers will be brought into storage by RRVF staff.


Once the item has been stored, there is NO ACCESS to the unit. A $50/hour fee (minimum of $50) will apply if a item must be removed prior to its scheduled release date. There are some circumstances where items will not be able to be released early.


The Red River Valley Fair Association DOES NOT have property damage insurance covering the stored unit. It is the responsibility of the owner to protect his property with sufficient property damage insurance to cover any loss for any reason while the stored unit is on the Red River Valley Fairgrounds.

Indemnification. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Licensee shall indemnify and hold harmless RRVFA and their respective officers, officials, employees and volunteers and agents from and against all claims, damages, losses and expenses, including but not limited to legal fees and court costs, arising from, or in any way connected with (i) any act, omission, wrongful act or negligence of the Licensee and/or Licensee’s agents, and/or anyone acting on behalf of the Licensee and/or Licensee’s Agents; (ii) any accident, injury, death or damage whatsoever occurring, growing out of, incident to, or resulting directly or indirectly from the use of the Licensed Premises.


Please go to the Butler Machinery Arena (formerly Schollander Pavilion) to check-in for winter storage.


Any vehicle taken off Fairgrounds property without being checked out will waive all rights to damages!


  • Fastest way to check-in and pay is by using a check! We do accept Visa, MasterCard or Discover if paying by credit card. There is an ATM on grounds. A 3.5% credit card fee will be applied for credit card payments.
  • Remove all propane tanks and/or gas cans.
  • Know your make, model, license number and approximate value of stored item(s).
  • Winterize before coming to the Fairgrounds.
  • You must have your stored item here, in order to complete the paperwork.
  • If you have a new item, it will need to be measured. All measurements must be done by RRVFA staff.
  • Dryer Sheets – although we do not have a rodent problem, it has been found that if you add dryer sheets to your stored item, rodents and insects are limited.
  • Covers – if you have a cover for your vehicle, please leave it on the passenger seat and we will cover it once it is parked.
  • If there are special instructions for operating your vehicle, please write them down and leave on the passenger seat (i.e. door latch issues, ignition tricks, no brakes, etc.).
  • Keys to vehicles must be left at the Fair Office – Batteries for vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, etc.) must be left in the vehicle – you can request for the battery to be disconnected.
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